A true and exact relation of the marchings of the two regiments of the trained-bands of the city of London, being the red & blew regiments, as also of the three regiments of the auxiliary forces, the blew, red, and orange who marched forth for the reliefe of the city of Glocester from August 23 to Sept. 28. wherein the most materiall passages of every dayes marchings are briefly delineated. As also a true description of the severall battells and skirmishes had against the enemy at Stow the old Sept. 4 at Aburne Chase September 18, and at Newbery Septem. 20. Set forth for the satisfaction of many who earnestly desired information herein.

Henry Foster London : Printed for Benjamin Allen in Popes-head-Alley., Octob. 2, 1643

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