Centuria epistolarum Anglo-Latinarum ex tritissmis classicis authoribus viz. Cicerone, Plinio, & Textore, selectarum. Quibus imitandis ludi discipuli stylum epistolis familiarem, facilius assequantur. A Carolo Hoolo, M.A. scholæ grammaticæ private institutore in Horto Lothburiensi, apud Londinates. = A century of epistles, English and Latine. Selected out of the most used school-authors, viz. Tullie, Plinie, and Textor. By imitating of which, children may readily get a proper style for writing letters. By Charles Hool, Master of Arts, and teacher of a private grammer-school in Lothbury-garden, London

Charles Hoole London : printed by T.M. for the Company of Stationers, 1700

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