A True relation of this present siege of Shertoken-Busse or Boisleduc which was beleguered by the army of the States Generall, vnder the conduct of the Right Excellent the Prince of Orenge on the first of May, 1629 : the particulars of it receiued from a very good hand, who was present in the action, are these following : a description of the circumvallation which runnes round about the towne extending it selfe 20 miles in compasse, the seuerall quarters of the seuerall commanders, the names of the chiefest forts and sconces belonging as well to the towne as to the princes leaguer, a relation of the three sallyes made by the enemy and their successe, a list of the names of the chiefest commanders

London : Printed for Thomas Walkley and Hugh Perry, and are to be sold in Britaines Bursse, 1629

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