Request scanned article from journal in depots

Not all volumes and issues of journals are available online. Several UGent libraries keep an archival copy of print periodicals.

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To facilitate the usage of the print periodicals in closed shelving, the library can provide UGent students and staff a pdf of any article from these holdings. If you supply the correct article reference (author, title and the page numbers) in the online form, we will locate the volume. You'll receive an email with hyperlink as soon as we have been able to process your request.

Of course, you can still request a consultation in the library of one or more issues/volumes, up to a full year of a print periodical in closed shelving. You might also find recent issues readily available in libraries with open stacks. If you need more than 50 pages, you could be asked to scan the pages in the library.

You'll find the necessary forms on the page of the journal you need.

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