These regulations apply to the entire network of the UGent libraries. Faculties may deviate from the general rule with regard to the borrowing of publications (numbers and terms) by means of a formalized library specific regulation but are bound to respect the other regulations of this UGent framework.

5 Rules of thumb

  • Rule 1

    Everyone has free access to all libraries within the UGent network. The infrastructure and collections are at everyone's disposal and are to be treated with respect. The library accepts no liability for damage to or theft of personal belongings of the reader. Those who disrupt the well-functioning of the library will be asked to leave the premises.

  • Rule 2

    Everyone who wishes to reserve and/or borrow a library item needs to be registered. For those who have a valid UGent identification card, reserving and/or borrowing a library item is free. Other visitors can register for 15 euro per year. Available collections that cannot be borrowed, can be consulted in the library.

  • Rule 3

    The library card is strictly personal. The cardholder is responsible for the publications registered on his/her name. There's a maximum of 10 publications to be borrowed for a term of maximum 4 weeks. If no reservations are made for the publication in question, the reader can renew the loan 3 times. If the item is not returned, the reader will be invoiced all costs related to replacing that item.

  • Rule 4

    When a publication is not available in the collection the registered visitor can apply for a copy or copied example from a different library by means of an interlibrary loan. The fee for regular readers is 10 euro, for students 5 euro. The service is free for UGent staff and students if the supplying library resides within the university.

  • Rule 5

    The library decides upon everything that is not covered by these 5 rules of thumb, the rule of procedures or the specific regulations of the faculty libraries.

Faculty exceptions

In the faculty of Arts and Philosophy the standard borrowing term for staff is 6 months instead of 4 weeks.

In the faculty of Political and social sciences the standard borrowing term for staff is extended to 8 weeks instead of 4. The maximum number of loans for all patrons is limited to 10 books for the entire faculty.