Borrowing via lending machine

Items from the Book Tower and its external storage areas can be picked up from an automated locker in Blandijn building, which has more extended opening hours than Book Tower's front desk.

location & opening hours

How does this work?

  • As soon as an item is ready for you, you receive an email as usual.

  • If your item fits in the machine, our email will include the option to pick up these items from the lending machine. If you wish that, please select this option and fill out the supplementary request form.

  • In the afternoon, all items ready for the locker will be registered in the Aleph library system as loans.

  • Next, our staff will transfer the items to the machine and as soon as your designated locker is closed, you will be sent a secret code to open the locker. From this point on, the borrowed items are considered to be in your custody.

  • With the secret code, you can open the locker and collect the items.

  • After 5 days, our staff will clear the locker, the loan will be terminated and the items will be returned to the stacks.

  • Borrowed items have to be returned to the lending library as usual.

All library transactions are managed according to the general regulations.