Key borrowing rules

  • Only registered patrons can borrow items from the library.

  • All loans must be registered in the Aleph library system. A personal overview of your current loans is available online (login required).

  • Patrons can borrow the item for a period of 4 weeks. Faculties may differ from this general rule and allow longer or shorter borrowing terms.

  • Patrons can request a renewal of the loan period, but there are limitations.

  • Borrowed items must not be passed on to others.

  • Borrowed items have to be returned to the lending library.

  • All address changes must be reported to the library.

  • Patrons are notified via email shortly before the end of the borrowing period.

  • When an item is not returned on time, patrons will receive 2 notifications by email. After the 3rd notification the University's legal department steps in to recuperate the due books.

  • Patrons have to pay for any damage to or loss of the borrowed item. The amount will be determined by the library.

  • If the due date coincides with a closing day, then the due date is reported until the first day the library is open again.

Review your current loans

All library transactions are managed according to the general regulations.