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Nitrification and coupled nitrification-denitrification at shallow depths are responsible for early season N2O emissions under...

Elizabeth Verhoeven, Charlotte Decock, Matti Barthel, Chiara Bertora, Dario Sacco and 3 more (2018) SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY


Disaggregating and updating a legacy soil map using DSMART, fuzzy c-means and k-means clustering algorithms in Central Iran

Mojtaba Zeraatpisheh, Shamsollah Ayoubi, Colby W Brungard, Peter Finke (2019) GEODERMA


Temporal changes in forest plant communities at different site types

Gorik Verstraeten, Lander Baeten, Tine Van den Broeck, Pieter De Frenne, Andreas Demey and 3 more (2013) APPLIED VEGETATION SCIENCE


Agro-ecological implications of forest and agroforestry systems conversion to cereal-based farming systems in the White Nile...

Henok Kassa Tegegne, Stefaan Dondeyne, Jean Poesen, Amaury Frankl, Jan Nyssen (2018) AGROECOLOGY AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS


Functional composition of tree communities changed topsoil properties in an old experimental tropical plantation

Marijn Bauters, Hans Verbeeck, Sebastian Doetterl, Evy Ampoorter, Geert Baert and 3 more (2017) ECOSYSTEMS

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