A foole answered according to his folly. Or, Judas in joyning to the chiefe priests, to betray the Lamb, hath hang'd himselfe; plainly seen in an answer to George Emmot of Durham, and his Northerne blast. Wherein is clearly discovered, a designe of the envious generation of romish priests, and unclean people, to render the truth odious, under the name of popery. Who the better to bring their end about, have layed open their own shame: but are proved the papists themselves, and their foundation and forme of worship to be from the Pope, contrary to the forme of godlinesse, and the saints practise, as the Scripture shall witnesse. ...

James Naylor London : Printed and are to be sold by Giles Calvert, at the black Spread Eagle, at the west end of Pauls., 1655

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