The lavves and statutes of God, concerning the punishment to be inflicted upon wilfull murderers. With some briefe annotations by way of explanation upon the same. Shewing (unto all those that are ignorant of it) that the (under God) most high and supream courts of magistracie and iudicature, the Parliaments of England, and Scotland, may lawfully, and are bound in point of iustice, to make warre against, and shed the bloud of all those wilfull murderers, that are risen up in arms unjustly against them and Gods people in both these kingdoms, and in Ireland. Also, some portions of scripture, for terror to those that despise the word of God, and follow the wisdome and policy of the flesh: and for the comfort and assurance of those that doe hearken unto the counsell of the Lord, and walk in his wayes. Published according to order

London : Printed by Matthew Simmons for Benjamin Allen, neere the Exchange., 1646

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