The famous collection of papers and pamphlets of all sorts, from the year 1600. down to this day, commonly known by the name of William Miller's collection is now to be sold, by retail, or otherwise, at the Acorn in St. Paul's Church-yard, turning down the Old-Change. Being digested into such an order and method, by way of alphabet, and common-place, that the reader shall find, without any difficulty, whatever he hath occasion for; as in the following table will appear. Composed by Mr. Charles Tooker. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Math. Gilliflowers at his shop in Westminster-hall, Mr. Chr. Bateman Middle-Row Holbourn, Mr. Joseph Hindmarsh over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, and at the guilded Acorn in St. Paul's Church-yard, London. Price 1 s

William Laycock, William Miller, Charles Tooker London : 1695?

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