The library of the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert, late Lord Bishop of Chichester : Containing the councels, fathers, ecclesiastical historians, the Greek, Roman, English, and other historians; the philologers, poets, orators and criticks, of the best editions, in Gr. Lat. Span. Ital. and French. Also his lordships collection of English books, in divinity, history, and other faculties, in all volumes. Will be sold by auction at Tom's Coffee-house, adjoyning to Ludgate, on Tuesday the 27th instant, and the following days, at three in the afternoon. By John Bullord. Catalogues may be had gratis at Mr. Notts at the Post-House in the Pall-mall, Mr. Bucks next the Fountain Tavern in Fleetstreet, Mr. R. Parkers on the Piazza under the ..

John Bullord 1697

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