Vindiciae ministerii evangelici; = A vindication of the great ordinance of God, : viz. a Gospel-ministry; in which these ensuing questions are shortly discust. 1. Whether under the Gospell there be such a function as the ministry; ... 2. Whether no more be required for this function, to authorize men ordinarily, to preach, interpret, and apply Scriptures, ... 3. Whether those that ordinarily preach, open and apply Scriptures, must be set apart by the Presbytery. 4. Whether the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery can be omitted in scripturall ordination without sin. 5. Whether Christians that make a conscience of hearing the Word of God, can without sin heare such preach, open or apply Scriptures, as are not ordained, but meerly gifted, &c. In which, the affirmative part of the first and third questions, and the negative part of the three others is maintained, and the judgments of former divines in them held forth; ... / By John Collings, M.A. & preacher of Gods Word in Norwich

John Collinges 1651

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