A voice out of the wildernes, crying with many tears and strong perswasions to the world for repentance. Proving by undeniable grounds from the word of God, that the great day of his righteous judgment will certainly be in this present age, namely about the 45th. yeer after the ruine of Rome, in 1666. Wherein are unfolded many great and wonderful mysteries of God, foretold in his word to come to pass unto th' end of the world. This work consists of five small tracts: 1. To the church of Rome, printed first in an. 1588. 2. To Qu. Elizabeth, presented to her in an. 1589. 3. To the E. of Essex in her days, called, Babylon is fal'n 4. To K. James, being an exposition of the 11. 12, 13. ch. Apoc. 5. De fide, against Baro, since translated into English. / By T.L. sometime a student in the University of Cambridge in the daies of Q: Elizabeth

T. L 1661

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