The mystery of Ambras Merlins, standardbearer wolf. and last boar of Cornwal. With sundry other misterious prophecys, both ancient and modern, plainly unfolded in the following treatise, on the signification and portent of that prodigious comet, seen by most part of the world, anno 1680, with the blazing star anno 1682, and the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in October following and since : all which do purport many sad calamitys to befall most parts of the Europian [sic] continent in general before the year 1699, ... the ruin of the House of Austria, Vienna, and the Empire of Germany : with Rome, Italy, and the Pope and Papicy [sic], the king and kingdom of France, with several other countrys [sic] in Europe, and the danger of an invation [sic] in England by the Turks, and then the convertion [sic] of the said nation to the Christian faith, before this present expedition of the Turks into Hungary and Germany be over, which will be followed, (1) with the calling of the Jews, (2) the reducing of all wayes of religious worship into one by which an universal peace will ensue to all the earth / written by a lover of his country's peace, Anno Domini, 1683

Lover of his country's peace 1683

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