Divine teachings in three parts. I. The glorious mystery of divine teaching between God, Christ, and the Saints. II. Anti-christ in man, opposing Emmanuel, or, God in us. III. The advancement of all things in Christ and of Christ in all things, with a discovery of good and evill, inhabiting in man. Together with a brief discovery of some things concerning election and reprobation; resurrection and Day of Judgment; love and wrath, in God and man: the causes of trouble and joy in the creature: the chaining up of the Devill, and the state of a christian in 3 kingdoms. Being some sparks of that glory that shines and dwels in Richard Coppin. With an occasionall word by way of preface, wherein is something of the mystery of alpha and omega, with a propheticall hint, written by Abiezar Coppe

Richard Coppin 1649

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