Stereometrie: or the art of practical gauging shewing in two parts, first, divers facil and compendious ways for gauging of tunns and brewers vessels, of all forms and figures, either in whole, or gradualy, form inch to inch: whether the tunn, or vessels bases above and below be homogeneal, or heterogeneal. Parallel and alike-situate, or not. Secondly, the gauging of any wine, brandy, or oyl cask; be the same assum'd as sphaeroidal, parabolical, conical, or cylindrical; either full, or partly empty, and at any position of the cask, or altitude of contained liquor: performed either by brief calculation, or instrumental operation. Together with a large table of area's of a circles segments, and other necessary tables, & their excellent utilities and emprovements; with a copious and methodical index of the whole; rendring the work perspicuous and intelligible to mean capacities. / By John Smith, philo-accomptant

John Smith 1673

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