Some particulars concerning the law sent to Oliver Cromwell who is chiefe ruler in these nations, according to man: and to the counsellors who sit in counsel with him; wherein is plainly laid downe the difference betwixt the righteous law of God, and those lawes which are made and acted in the will of man; and how they who make and act those lawes, which are according to the will of man; and contrary to the law of God, are found opposing the righteous law of God, and so are transgressors of that law which is according to that in the conscience. With a ward of discovery of the cruell oppression of the priests, who call themselves ministers of Christ, and the Gospell, which gives freedome; but they are found to be opposers, and out of the life that gave forth the scriptures, and so with it judged, which is according to the law of God, which gives freedom to the righteous seed, but have cleared themselves from Christ, who disobey his doctrine, and sue men of the law, and take treble damages, contrary to the scriptures. With a word of exhortation t

John Camm 1655

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