1682, Apolo Anglicanus the English Apollo, assisting all persons in the right understanding of this years revolution, as also of things past, present, and to come : with necessary tables plain and useful, a twofold kalendar, viz. Julian or English, Gregorian or foreign computations, more plain and full than any other, with the sun and moons, risings and settings a daily observed, of general use for most men : being the second after bissextile or leap-year to which is added short notes upon every day throughout the year, shewing (in a general way) the good and bad days therein, also brief aphorisms proper to nativities, contracted into the tops of the twelve right-hand pages of the Kalendar, and lastly something concerning the late comet and the approaching conjunction (in October this year) of Saturn and Jupiter : with physical observations for each mount of great use for all persons throughout the kingdom / Richard Saunders ..

Richard Saunders 1682

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