A Most true relation of the great and bloody battell fought by Capt. Hotham with 1000 foote, four troops of horse, and two pieces of ordnance Decemb. 3, against the Earl of New-castle with 5000 foot, 600 horse, and 5 pieces of ordnance, who were comming to relieve the E. of Cumberland that now lyes besieged in the city of York : declaring also the great and wonderfull victory which he hath obtained against them, killing 700 of the cavaleers, taking 200 prisoners, 6 waggons, 7 colours, and two pieces of ordnance with the losse of 200 men : this battle was fought upon Satterday last, neer Tollerton in Yorkshire, & bought to London by the last post, Decem. 6

Anon 1642

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