A Briefe explanation of the XX chapter of the revelation of Saint John wherein is contained the binding of the dragon for a thousand years : the thrones, and who were to sit upon them, while the dragon lay bound, and the judgement that was given unto them : the living, and raigning, for a thousand years of the souls of the saints, (whose bodies they that sate on the thrones should kill, because they would not worship the beast, nor his image, nor receive his marke) which is called the first resurrection : the losing of the dragon after the thousand yeares of his binding : the coming downe of Gog and Magog, and their destruction : the great day of the Lords coming in glory : the generall resurrection of the bodies of all, good and bad, and the general judgement : written for the edification, and confirmation of the faithful, in their comfortable expectation of the day of the Lord, now near approaching

Anon 1641

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