A Treatise of trover and conversion wherein the true notion of that action is stated, with the differences from other actions of the like nature, and in what cases the said action properly lies, and in what not, and by and against what person or not, as also what shall be said in law to amount to a conversion or not : together with notes on the writ and declaration, when and where the action is to be laid, as to the time and place of certainty in the declaration, with general rules in reference to Latin words, Anglice's and phrases, and also observations on the ancient pleadings in this action, and what specials pleas are still in use, of tryals in this action, and what shall be said to be good evidence of a conversion on the general issue, and also of verdict, costs, damages and judgement : with several select presidents of declarations and pleas most in use : to which is added an abstract of the law concerning detinue

Anon 1696

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