False prophets, anticrists [sic], deceivers, which are in the world, which John prophesied of, which hath long been hid and covered. But now is unmasked in these last dayes with the eternal light which is risen, are they seen and discovered, praises be to the living God. And with the scriptures which they have made a trade of and deceived the poor people withall, are they tryed and made manifest to be those which the scripture speaks of, which with fained words and covetousnesse makes merchandize of the people, and so betrayes their soules. Also a word to the heads and governors of this nation, who have put forth a declaration for the keeping of a day of humiliation for the persecution (as they say) of the poor inhabitants in the valley of Lucerna, Angrona, and others professing the reformed religion which hath been transmitted unto them from their ancestors. By M. Fell. And also James Milners condemnation upon that which erred from the light

Margaret Askew Fell Fox, Elizabeth Millner, James Millner London : printed for Giles Calvert, 1655

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