The country-man's delight: or, The happy vvooing. Being the successful love of John the serving-man, in his courting of Joan the dary-maid. John's humble suit Joan does long time withstand, till his known wealth her favour does command; then mustering all her smiles, to him she bends, and to the bargain straight she condescends: now no objection can retard her love, if not of him, she does his wealth approve; so women for base gold their beauty sell, to whom so e're bids most, that cursed spell, fix'd deep into their souls, commands them still, and guides the reins of their tempesteous will. To a new play-house-tune: or, Dolly and Molly

London : Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden-Ball, near the Hospital-gate, in VVest-Smithfield., between 1670-1696

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