Exceeding joyfull nevves from the Earl of Stamford, the Lord Wharton, and the Lord Kymbolton. Wherein is declared the proceedings of the Lord Whorton neer Kittermaster with 5. troops of horse, against Prince Robert with 20. troops, October 18. and how Prince Robert were forced to retreat. Also a famous victory obtained by the E. of Stamford neer Hereford, with 1000. foot, and 500. horse against 3000. Cavaleers, with the number that were slain on both sides. Also the Lord Kymbolton his proceedings in Gloucestershire aginst the cavaleers. Likewise a true relation of his Majesties marching from Shrewsbury towards Coventry with his main army, and how his Excellency is within one dayes march of his Majesty with all his forces. Sent in a letter from His Excellencie to the House of Commons, October 21

Grey Earl of Stamford, Manchester Earl of, Wharton Baron London : Printed for Richard West, October 22. 1642

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