A miraculous victory obtained by the Right Honorable, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, against the army under the command of the Earl of Newcastle at Wakefield in York-shire: of the enemy there was taken prisoners, Generall Goring, Sir Thomas Bland, 2 colonells, Sergeant Major Car, 13 captains, 1500 souldiers, 27 colours of foot, 3 cornets of horse, 4 lieutenants, 15 ensignes, and 1 cornet, 4 peeces of ordnance, all their ammunition, and a great number of armes, with the losse of 7 common souldiers. Sent in two letters to the Honorable, W: Lenthall, Esq; speaker in the House of Commons. Also a letter of great consequence, which was found in Generall Gorings chamber, which was sent to him by his father the Lord Goring. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that publique thanksgiving be too morrow the 28. of this instant May, given in all the churches and chappells of London, Westminster, Borough of Southwark, suburbs and places adjacent for the great and good successe it hath pleased God to give the forces under the command of the Lord Fairfax, at the taking in of Wakefield; and that the letters relating that good successe, be read in the said churches and chappels. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com

Fairfax Baron, Thomas Stockdell London : May 27. Printed for Edw. Husbands, 1643

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