The plotts revealed and the Parliament vindicated: or a full discovery of the wicked designes, plotts and conspiracies of Iesuites, papists, popish prelates, and other popishly affected persons, from before the beginning of his now majesties raigne, unto this present for the rooting out of the true Protestant religion, and to establish popery in this kingdome; with the severall waies and meanes this designe hath beene prosecuted. Setting forth the true causes and end of this uniust warre against the Parliament; and the point fully proved, that this warre is no new quarrell, nor caused by the militia but devillish malice against the intended reformation of the true Protestant Religion, plotted by Jesuites, and now managed by English and Irish papists and their abbettors. With a brief narration and vindication of the whole proceeding of this Parliament, from the beginning to this present; justified by nature, law and religion, against the false calumniations of all malignants, and sundry scurrilous and abusive pamphlets, of late printed to delude and deceive the kingdome:and lastly, may serve as a sufficient encouragement to all the people of this kingdome, to be no longer gazers on, but put their hands to the worke, b[---] a speedy uniting, with the hazard of life and fortune, in defence of Gods true worship, your owne rights, liberties, and this present parliament. Printed by order

London : Printed for F. Coles, and F. Leach, and are to be sold in the Old-baily, 1643

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