The profession of the true Protestant religion: or, The protestation of the Kirk of Scotland, with a confession of faith, and solemne covenant, or oath, of that kingdome; as it hath been divers times protested and enacted by King Iames, and confirmed by an act in the second Parliament of our dread soveraign King Charles, the 11. of Iune, 1640. Wherein is specified the particular heads of popish doctrine, and superstition, of the church of Rome, contrary to the sacred scriptures, and discipline of the reformed churches: with an act of confirmation of the said covenant. Also an act against liesing makers, (or evill counsellors) of whatsoever quality, office, place or dignity. Printed at Edingborough by E. T. 1641

London : Printed at Edingborough by E.T. 1641. And now reprinted at London by Tho: Fawcet, for Lawrence Chapman, 1643

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