An exact and true relation in relieving the resolute garrison of Lyme in Dorset-shire, by the Right Honourable, Robert Earle of Warwicke, Lord High Admirall of England. Besieged by Prince Maurice, the Lord Inchiquin, and his Irish rogues, together with the Lord Pawlet. As also the particular passages in many gallant sallyes and assaults betwixt the enemy and themselves, with the brave courage of many female souldiers: as also the taking two ships of great value, that were comming to relieve the enemy: and the present condition in which the town at this instant is, with other remarkable mews fron Exceter. As it was sent by a speciall and faithfull hand, from His Majesties ship called the Iames, riding now at anchor before Lyme, dated Iune the first

London : Printed for Mathew Walbanke, Iune 10. 1644

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