An exact and true relation of the many several messages, that have passed between His Excellency Sir Tho. Fairfax, and the Marquesse of Worcester, governour of Ragland-Castle, touching surrender thereof. Together, with a copy of the propositions sent to the generall from the Marquesse of Worcester, out of Ragland-Castle, and his Excellencies refusall to treat on them. Also, the names of our commissioners appointed to treate with the enemy, upon the propositions sent to them from the generall. Certified in a letter, to a member of the Honorable House of Commons, on Tuesday, August the 18th. 1646. And commanded to be forthwith printed and published

Fairfax Baron, Worcester Marquis of London : Printed for Fra. Coles, in the Old-Baily, August 19th. 1646

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