A VVarning peece for London being a true relation of the bloody massacre of the Protestants in Paris, by the papists and cavileers: in which bloody massacre, they murdered many of the chiefe of the noblity [sic], with thousands of men, women and children, which knew nothing till the murtherers brake into their houses, and murdered them, slinging their dead bodies into the open streets and stinking ditches. Wherein you may take notice of the barbarous and bloody religion of the papists, by their many conspiracies and treasons against Queeen Elizabeths own person, and 88. the Gunpowder-plot, and the unheard of cruelty they have and still do use in this their rebellion in Ireland. Which should make all true Protestants to beware of them, notwithstanding their faire pretences or oath

London : Printed for Joseph Hunscott, 1642

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