A letter from a worthy gentleman in Yorke-shire, to his friend a member of the Honorable House of Commons. Declaring 1. That the Parliament hath, and continually ought to use their zealous indeavours and heartie desires, for a thorow reformation in church and commonwealth. 2. That the same meanes the prelates used to advance themselves to pettie deities, and to bury the honor of religion in the grave of oblivion, hath now removed the stones that pressed down truth and piety, and confounded their carnall wisdome. 3. That the papists in England and Ireland by their own barbarous, savage and inhumane practises, as a just requitall of their villanies, will be the actors and authours of their own tragedies. 4. Shewing though the honourable houses of parliament be by many evill affected people scorned and derided; yet they ought to goe on chearfully in the establishment of the true religion, and suffer patiently, after the example of Christ &c. 5. The enemies of the Parliament and kingdome, are papists to root out religion the clergie for Bishopricks and pluralities, cloaked delinquents that study day and night to make currant their counterfeit conditions. 6. And lastly advise to the Parliament to go on with alacrity but not one foot but to God, to heavenly ends, divine rules, apparant truths, in the churches walkes, and then they shall not want the protection of the Almighty

R. R London : Printed for R. Best, October 10. 1642

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