Jura majestatis, the rights of kings both in church and state: 1. Granted by God. 2. Violated by the rebels. 3. Vindicated by the truth. And, the wickednesses of this faction of this pretended Parliament at VVestminster. 1. Manifested by their actions. 1. Perjury. 2. Rebellion. 3. Oppression. 4. Murder. 5. Robberies. 6. Sacriledge, and the like. 2. Proved by their ordinances. 1. Against law. 2. Against Equity. 3. Against conscience. Published 1. To the eternall honour of our just God. 2. The indeleble shame of the wicked rebels. And 3. To procure the happy peace of this distressed land. Which many feare we shall never obtaine; untill 1. The rebels be destroyed, or reduced to the obedience of our King. And 2. The breaches of the Church be repaired. 1. By the restauration of Gods (now much profamed) service. And 2. The reparation of the many injuries done to Christ his now dis-esteemed servants. By Gryffith Williams, Lord Bishop of Ossory

Gryffith Williams, Anthony Burgess Printed at Oxford : ], Ann. Dom. 1644

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