A continuation of Mr. John-Amos-Comenivs school-endeavours. Or a summary delineation of Dr. Cyprian Kinner Silesian: his thoughts concerning education: or, the way and method of teaching. Exposed to the ingenuous and free censure of all piously-learned men. The which shal shortly be seconded with an elucidarium or commentary to open the sense of whatsoever is herein contained, chiefly of what is paradoxall and obscure, (if any such shall appear to be.) Together with an advice how these thoughts may be succesfully put in practice. Translated out of the original Latine, transmitted to Sam. Hartlib: and by him published, and in the name of many very Godly and learned men, recommended to the serious consideration, and liberall assistance, of such, as are willing to favour the reformation of all Christian churches and common-wealths: but more especially the good and happines of the united kingdoms. Published by authority

Joannes Amos Comenius, Cyprian Kinner London : Printed for R.L. in Monks-well street, 1648

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