The Lively character of the malignant partie: wherein their persons, who they are; their actions, what they have already done, and do daily further attempt; with their intentions, at what ends they ayme, are sufficiently set forth, fully described, and plainly evidenced to the indifferent judgement of any ordinary man, who hath had but a reasonable view of the strange passages of these later times. By one who cordially affects his Soveriagne, and really respects the Parliament: which illustrious and renowned senate, hath (for the safetie of the King, and presevation of the kingdome) resolved upon the question, that in this malignant partie, they may not, must not, will not, cannot confide

London : , Published and printed in the yeare of feares and jealousies, plots, projects, and policies, designes, dangers, and discoveries. 1642

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