No Mercurius aquaticus, but a cable-rope, double twisted for Iohn Tayler, the water-poet; who escaping drowning in a paper-wherry-voyage, is reserved for another day, as followeth. Viz. This embleme here, expresseth to the full what shall betide our city water-gull; who (leaving poesie, pamphlets, wine, and whores) must be truss'd laureatte on his proper oares, with his own tackling; therefore it is meet, the sayle stand by, to be his winding-sheet; I'me sure, hee must passe thus o're Charons ferry, unlesse some boyst'rous wind o're-turn the wherry. By John Booker

John Booker London] : Printed according to order for G. B., July 19, 1644

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