A continvation of the Irish rebels proceedings, with our victories over them. Declaring the falsehood and perfidiousnesse of those rogues, in the taking of Bellturbet and their inhumanities there by sacking, and pillaging, throwing children into the river with pitchforks, striping 1500. starke naked driving them towards Dublin, the drowning, and killing many of them by the way, cutting of Protestant ministers in peices, and searching womens privites &c. With a charme that was found in a rebels pocket, and a prayer the friers doe teach the poore rebells to Our Lady which as they tell them, secures them in their holy warre. Penned in a letter by Alderman Cillard of Dublin now chosen appothecary generall for the army, and sent to Master Keneday his nephew now resident at Lincolnes Inne on Feb. 28

Alderman. Cillard, Sankey Sullian Printed at London : for Geo. Lindsey, 1642

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