Good newes from Ireland. Or, A true relation of a great victory obtained by the Protestants in the province of Munster in Ireland. Where 400. horse and 1600. foot under the command of the Lord Inchequeene, and the Earle of Corkes sonne, overthrew the army of the rebels consisting of 10000. horse and foot. Also the number of the rebels that were slaine in the battell, with the surprising of three pieces of their ordnance, one of which was called the Elizabeth of Limericke, with 7. barrels of powder and match. Likewise a confirmation of the Earle of Corkes sonne, slaine in this service. Sent in a letter from Lieutenant Colonell Broket, Governour of Kinsale, to his brother Mr. Samuell Broket grocer on Snow-hill London, Septemb. 29. 1642. With an order of both Houses of Parliament, for raising 1000. dragoneers in London. Hen. Elsinge, Cler. Parl. D. C

William Brocket London : Printed for I. Thomas, Octob. 6. 1642

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