Joyfull and welcome newes from Shrevvesbury: declaring the proceedings of both armies neer Shrewsbury, with an exact relation of a battell fought before the wals of the said town, October 3. 1642. Also a true relation of a battell fought in Wiltshire, by the Earle of Pembroke, with 500. men, against the Lord Coventry, with 1000. horse and foot, Octob. 4. Wherein 40. cavaliers were slaine, 20. taken prisoners, and all the rest put to flight, with the losse of 10. men. Brought by the last post, Octob. 6. Likewise Prince Roberts propositions to His Majesty concerning the knighting of certain officers under his command

London] : Printed for Th. Rider, October 7. 1642

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