The anatomy of warre, or, Warre with the wofull, fruits, and effects thereof, laid out to the life: VVherin from scripture, and experience, these things are clearly handled; to wit, 1. What warre is. 2. The grounds, and causes of warre. 3. The things requisite in war, 4. The nature, and miseries of war, both [brace] civill, and forraigne. 5. What things are justly taxed in war. 6. When war is lawfull. 7. Whether it be lawfull for Christians to make war. 8. Whether subjects may take up armes against their soveraignes. 9. The remedies against war. 10. The meanes to be freed from war. 11. The remedies, and meanes both military, and morall for the obtaining of victory in war.

Richard Ward London : Printed for Iohn Dalham, and Rich. Lownds, 1642

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