The last true and joyfull newes from Ireland declaring, all the proceedings of the English and Scotch forces in Ireland, against the King of Spains standard, which is now set up in defiance of the King of England, as it was reported to the House of Commons; relating also the victories which the English and Scotch have obtained over the rebels. I, The battell fought by the Earl of Ormond with one thousand men, against the great rebell Oneal, being in number 3000. with the manner of his gaining the victory over Oneal, killing 1100. of his men, and putting the rest to flight, with with the losse of 100. men. II. The battle fought in the province of Vlster, where the standard was set up, by Sir VVilliam Stewart, Col. Sanderson, Col. Gore, Col, Galbragh, and Capt. Thomas Newburgh, with 2000 horse and foot, against 7000. rebels with the manner of their fight, and their victory over the rebels

London] : September 22. Printed for Thomas Cook, 1642

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