The Earle of Warwickes glorious victory over fifty ships of the King of Denmarkes in the narrow seas. Report thereof being made to the House of Commons by a merchant of London, that came lately from Norway. With an order from the House of Commons to the Earle of Warwicke, that one and fifty ships should be strongly prepared with 500 pieces of ordnance. Also how many hundred thousand pounds the charge of the Navy hath amounted unto, raised out of the bill of tonnage and poundage, and what the King hath received out of the same bill. And how the Earle of Stamford, the Lord Ratham, and Sir Arthur Haslerigg executed the militia in Leicestershire. Lastly the totall summe of the money sent by the Parliament to Munster and Dublin in Ireland. I. B. Cler. P

London : Printed for J. Horton, June 15. 1642

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