The late famous victory: obtained by Captaine Lanley a Scotshman January 29 with his troope of horse, against Colonell Aston with 3 troops, who had bin pilliging the county of Barke-shire and had taken 150. sheepe, 5. cart-load of hay. and a hundred quarters of vvheat and barley, and were carring them to Reading. Declaring also the the [sic] full discription of the said battle which was fought upon Sunday, last, within two miles of Reading; and and [sic] how after two hours fight Captain Langley obtained the victory, wounded Sir Iacob Ashley sergiant major generall of the Kings army, and about 30. other commanders and souldiers slain; and tooke the hundred and fifty sheepe, and five cart-loads of hay, and a hundred quarters of corne, and have brought them to Henley for the souldiers. Whereunto is added, a true relation of the taking of the high-constable of Oxfordshire a great malignant, and twelve thousand pound. by Captaine Ballard, captaine of a troope of horse, under Sergiant Major Skippon on Sunday last, being the 29 of Ianuary; wherein is declared the great policies of the said captaine, in taking of the said price, and how he brought them to Henley

London : printed for Thomas Rider, 1643

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