The true relation of the entertainment of my Lord of Essex at Northampton. With the just number of horse and foot that flockt from neighbouring countries to assist his person. Also the relation of 4. Holland ships that purposely arrived thither for to help his Excellency in his pretended proceedings: with just number of men, ammunition and money they brought over. Here is likewise the true relation of Captaine Legs discoveries, who being taken by our men upon condition of free pardon, did divulge all the cavaleers projects and intentions. Shewing how many of them were sent to the Ile of Wight and the Ile of Man, to take away and seize upon the mony pretended for the reliefe of our poore brethren in Ireland. Also the manner of my Lord of Hollands taking a seminary priest amongst the cavaleers, with his confession and examination before my Lord

London : printed for Tho. Bankes, Septem. 2r. i.e. Sept. 21, 1642

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