The letany of John Bastvvick, Doctor of Phisicke, being now full of devotion, as well in respect of the common calamities of plague and pestilence; as also of his owne patticular [sic] miserie : lying at this instant in Limbo Patrum. Set downe in two letters to Mr. Aquila Wykes, keeper of the Gatehouse, his good angell. In which there is an universall challenge to the vvhole world, to prove the parity of ministers, to be jure divino. Also a full demonstration, that the bishops are neither Christs, nor the Apostles successors, but enemies of Christ and his kingdome, and of the Kings most excellent Majesties prerogative royall. ..

John Bastwick Leiden : Printed by Willem Christiaens by the speciall procurement, and for the especiall use of our English prelats, in the yeare of remembrance, anno 1637

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