A declaration of the Lords and Commons concerning the preservation of Hull: with severall votes agreed upon by both Houses of Parliament, for the raising of 10000 men to be imployed by the authority of the Parliament. Also, a declaration of the citizens and inhabitants of the city of Chester, to his Maiesties Commissioners of Array, for the cleare manifestation of their allegiance to his Majesty, and duty to the Parliament. With the Kings last declaration made to the Lords, attending his Majesty at Yorke, and to others of His Majesties Privy Councell there, together with their promise thereupon. Subscribed by them. And lastly, the resolution of the Lords and Commons, in case any force be brought out of one county, into any other county of this kingdome, to disturb the peace thereof. Hen. Elsing, Cler. Parl. D. Com

London] : July, the 13. London Printed for Iohn Wright, 1642

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