Observations concerning the late treaty: with modest items for His Majestie. Shewing the great obstinacy and perversness of the Kings Commissioners, in justifying that ever to be abhorred cessation of armes with those inhumane monsters, the Irish rebells, and yet not yeelding to any one clause of the most just propositions of the Parliament. With a perfect list of all great victories and advantages, miraculously obtained (through the infinite mercy of God) in the taking of Scarborough, the unexpected taking of Shrewsbury, and the happy recovery of Weymouth, with every particular victory atchieved since the beginning of the said treaty, to this present day, by those ever to be honoured and victorious commanders, Sir John Meldrum, the Lord Fairefax, Col. Massey, Sir Wil. Brereton, Col. Mitton, Sir Wil. Waller, and Gen. Cromwell, Gen. Browne, Cap. Swaineley, &c. To the great amazement of all the enemies of the truth and Parliament. Published by authoritie

And printed at London : For J.C., 1645

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