Chymical, medicinal, and chyrurgical addresses: made to Samuel Hartlib, Esquire. Viz. 1. Whether the Vrim and Thummim were given in the Mount, or perfected by art. 2. Sir George Ripley's epistle, to King Edward unfolded. 3. Gabriel Plats caveat for alchymists. 4. A conference concerning the phylosophers stone. 5. An invitation to a free and generous communication of secrets and receits in physick. 6 Whether or no, each several disease hath a particular remedy? 7. A new and easie method of chirurgery, for the curing of all fresh wounds or other hurts. 8. A discourse about the essence or existence of metals. 9. The new postilions, pretended prophetical prognostication, of what whall happen to physitians, chyrurgeons, apothecaries, alchymists, and miners

London : Printed by G. Dawson for Giles Calvert at the Black-spread Eagle at the west end of Pauls., 1655

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