Vita salutaris or, the vine of catechetical divinity, and saving truth; displaying it self in the three main and principal branches thereof, faith, hope, and charitie: wherein is laid a firm and rockie foundation in Christian religion, that it may withstand all the storms of persecution and temptation. The explanation whereof, is for that purpose (methodically, with much brevitie, and perspecuitie, in all fidelitie) brought into as few questions with their answers, as so large and massie body, and weak capacities will permit. Composed and intended for the good of all, but more particularly, the people in the parish of West-Wickam in the countie of Buckes. By Joh. Brooksbank minister, and at present, preacher of the Word there

Joseph Brookbank London : Printed for W.D. and are to bee sold by John Marshal, in the Old Jewrie, 1650

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