Gospel-light, and gospel-life, in the saints conversation. Or, 1. What a godly sincere conversation is worth to Gods people. 2. How the saints come by their evidence for heaven. 3. What great engagements the people of God have to him: with some motives to love him. 4. A warning to prepare for the second coming of Christ. 5. The sad and woeful estate of all those that foresake God, Christ, scriptures, ordinances, and holy duties. 6. A discovery of some Ranters lately brought to trial in London, with their examinations. A word to all men in power. By Robert Dornford

Robert Dornford London : Printed by R.W. for Francis Tyton, and are to be sold at the three Daggers in Fleet-street, neer the Inner-Temple-Gate, 1652

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